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Private military company RSB-group provides the charitable assistance to the officer of special forces “Vympel” Aleksey Prikazchikov.

Major Prikazchikov was born and grew in Tashkent. In the year 1993 graduated from the Alma-Ata border college of KGB USSR named by F.E. Dzerzhinsky. He started serving as an officer of the border control in the Sheremetyevo. But he was not happy, while working there, that is why he wrote a report concerning the transfer to the combat unit of FSS. After that he continued serving in the well-known division of FSS “Vympel”.

He took part in the special operations concerning the destruction of the bandit groups during the first and second Chechen wars. He personally took part in the children hostage release in Budenovsk and Buynaksk. He was awarded with the state awards.

Aleksey Prikazchikov never hid behind the friends’ back, and never was left as a reserve. It happened so, that the officer, who protected lives and risked his own life, is now bedridden with a severe injury. Russian government, politics, different veteran organizations and funds do not need invalid officer. We, his friends, cannot stand aside and just observe. Every day he needs very expensive medicine, treatment, surgeries and even a support to this courageous person.

5% from our profits, after the payment of our services we, Russian private security company RSB-Group, transfer to major Prikazchikov mother, as she is with her son all the time, and is supporting him with her small pension.

If there are those, who would like to help Major Prikazchikov, please transfer the money to the following account:

Contact cell phone of Larisa Sergeevna Prikazchikova: (495) 703 4001

Do not be indifferent. Maybe the officer of FSS “Vympel” major Prikazchikov was protecting your life or the life of your relatives.

Private military group RSB-group supports mother of the rsb employee – Maxim Krinitsyn.

Maxim Krinitsyn died 1st May 2010 while saving policemen and civilians from the armed criminals from Caucasus. These criminals were drunk and took drugs, they attacked the head of the Kazan police department and they have 6 tomes wounded him with the knife. Two civilians also suffered from 17 and 3 knife wounds.

Maxim Krinitsyn was unarmed and as he was fulfilling his civil duty, buckled with the armed criminals. Maxim saved people, but died in the ambulance department. He was 27.

A plain Russian man with a courageous heart did not call for help. He just stuck up for unknown people, saved their lives but died.

The murderer of Maxim Krinitsyn is Zeinalov Elnur was born in 1989 in Alma-Ata, was detained and imprisoned for 19 years. His father and participator went unpunished.

Contact cell phone of Maxim Krinitsyn mother: Krinitsyna Nadezhda Mikhailovna - 8 909 307 5405.

Sberbank account: 639002629004224761.

The staff of RSB-group are blood donors.

The staffs of the RSB-Group voluntarily are blood donors in the Federal Scientifically clinical center of child’s hematology, oncology and immunology named by Dmitry Rogachev.

We hope that doing in such a way we can help sick children to prolong their lives and even assist in recovery. Sick children are our pain nowadays. We try to give them the most needed – healthy blood.

Center address: 117198, Russia, Moscow, Samory Mashela Str., Bld. 1.


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