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Full complex of services on armed protection
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Who we are

Private Military Consulting Company is a company, implementing statutory objectives in the high risk areas, specifically in the areas with high-risk military terroristic operations. The actions of the company’s stuff are not assailant, but restrictive; it allows arranging preventive actions. These actions are required to be supported by the military forces of the country, according to instructions.

Private Military Consulting Company RSB-Group (Russian Security Systems) was founded by a military professional, a reservist of the military reserve force with extended and rich experience gained during the work at the Russian Border Service and Tajik-Afghan border.

The Company’s activities are strictly carried out according to the Russian legislation as well as to legislation of countries, where the Company protects the interests of Russian companies. It is essential, that the RSB-Group does not participate in armed conflicts, we are not to be hired by war groups and does not provide consultations to organizations and groups having any relations with terroristic organizations. The RSB-Group does not take part in the governmental overthrows and actions that can lead to the violation of human rights, international laws and conventions.

For implementation of tasks at the territory of Russian Federation there is a licensed private security company acting within the RSB-Group, as well as for informational and analytical provision there is a private intelligence company. There is a staff more than 30 persons working in different directions (operation managers, lawyers, team leaders, and heads of different departments). RSB-Group starts work only after official agreement with authorities and once the documents and licenses are obtained in the country of residence.

For implementation of the most complicated assignments that need urgent reaction, the RSB-Group Company successfully cooperates with NavSec International Ltd, the private military company from New Zealand.

Why should you choose Rsb-group as a main provider of security services:

RSB-Group works according to the following legislative frameworks:

  • UNO Security Council Resolution N 1816;
  • UNO Security Council Resolution N 1838;
  • UNO United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Art. 105)
  • Charter of the UNO (Art.51)
  • Code of conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

We have considerable advantages over other russian and international security companies:

  • We are an official partner and supplier of security services for the United Nations. Our registration number: 403872
  • RSB-Group has a third party liability insurance for $ 5 000 000.
  • We are working according to the signed International Code of Conduct for Private Security Companies, signed in Geneve, Switzerland.
  • RSB-Group is strictly follows to rules and procedures stated in the agreements and official permits for weapon storage abroad.
  • The RSB-Group officers have mariner ID cards, passed special courses SOLAS, as well as security courses for officers on marine vessel.
  • The RSB-Group has certificate of conformity of quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (9001: 2011), which confirms the personnel’s high standards of behavior during the land and marine operations, as well as during the armed protection of ships against pirates in the areas with a high terroristic activity.
  • None of the vessels protected by maritime security teams RSB-Group was captured by the pirates.
  • The maritime security team strictly follows requirements of the INGOSSTRAH Company, which means that clients insured the military and other risks regarding the transits through the high risk areas in the Indian Ocean have the right to decrease the insurance premium, if the contract is presented.
  • The RSB-Group team – is a high level professional team of reservists, who have a unique experience of work in Iraq, Afganistan, Middle East, Tajikistan, West Africa, North Caucasus, Serbia etc.
  • The specialists have professional knowledge on disclosure and demining of handmade explosive devices.

24 Hours per day, 7 days per week a well-coordinated and professional team RSB-Group is working for you.

RSB-Group is an exclusive official dealer of the acoustic hailing devices in the former USSR countries and in Sri Lanka, which is produced by American corporation ULTRA ELECTRONICS USSI.


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