RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services on armed protection
and security provision out of the Russian Federation

Question-answer (FAQ)

What is the algorithm of your operation and what are the conditions that your company starts working?

First of all, we analyze the received inquiry; study the operational environment and the political situation in the country. There is an existing staff, who step-by-step define objectives of separate elements and the operation on the whole. After that the task is given to the international lawyers, department, which is cooperating with the controlling authorities, department of commercial reconnaissance and analytical department.

After the risk assessment and our possibilities, we calculate the forces and means, which are provided by the adjacent country (in case of any existing agreement) for the benefit of successful task implementation. Then we provide the client with the bill of quantities. If the Client agrees, we sign the agreement and RSB-Group starts working.

How does the payment proceed? Can the payment be done after the task implementation?

One should understand, that we are seriously concerned in providing high class protection to the Client, including the risks which may face our staff workers, that is why the payment includes prior preparations, insurance of our workers, purchase (if needed) of any additional technics and means of protection. That is why we need the prepayment of 100%. It is one of our strict requirements.

Can you provide such services in Russian Federation?

That’s correct, we surely can. The group of companies RSB includes a licensed private security company for operation in Russian Federation, and an intelligence agency, which professionally implements tasks concerning competitive intelligence. These companies are operating in Russian Federation only.

One Should understand, that group of companies RSB operates legally only. In case of detection of any criminal aspects or threats to the state safety – RSB-Group immediately will inform the corresponding authorities.


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