RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services on armed protection
and security provision out of the Russian Federation

Training and consulting

Training and consulting

Group of companies RSB arranges consultations in different areas of safety provision, including the services of armed guards.

For the effective minimization of risk from the terrorist attacks “RSB-Group” can conduct an audit on anti-terrorist security of any objects from country house to an industrial object, including energy objects. Based on audit results the client will be provided with the threat analysis, compensations for possible losses from terrorist attacks and suggestions for the loss minimization. The reporting form would be the antiterrorist security description of the object.

The risk analysis of terrorist acts is carried out with the purpose to identify possible consequences after the terrorist threats on the object and to detect the weak points and drawbacks of the existing or concerned options of the antiterrorist security complex. As a result, there would be an alternative to select the best option of the mentioned systems for a concrete objects.

Based on battle experience and knowledge of specialists the company is ready to arrange professional complex of training on following disciplines:

  • Engineer intelligence, demining and identification of antipersonnel and antitank mines, which can be left after the local military involvements;
  • Engineer intelligence, demining, identification and defusing of handmade explosive devices;
  • Sniper and anti-sniper training;
  • Training on commercial intelligence for the juridical persons;
  • Training on personal protection both for vehicles and VIPs;
  • Training on diving;
  • Trainings on mine clearance are carried by the internationally certificated specialists;
  • The trainings take place on the special engineering base in Serbia and Croatia.


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