RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services on armed protection
and security provision out of the Russian Federation

Technical protection

Technical protection

Private security company RSB-Group fulfills a complex of activities targeted for technical protection of client against electronic and radio intelligence during conduction of confidential meetings, conferences and negotiations. In such cases, technical specialists of the RSB-Group develop a special protection program for security of commercial interests of the client.

The technical department of RSB-Group offers powerful and effective equipment of nonlethal activity (acoustic hailing devices) to protect all forms of property. Such equipment is used by the police and Special Forces in USA.

The RSB-Group is also able to deliver the following special equipment:

  • Video surveillance, control and access control;
  • Security alarm system;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Protection against thefts;
  • Monitoring systems, audio control, alarms;
  • Firefighting;
  • Perimeter protection;
  • Protection of the computer and network information;
  • Special technics for information control and protection;
  • Integrated protection systems;
  • Examination and antiterrorist technics;
  • Means of individual protection;
  • Means of self-protection;
  • Survival equipment, special motor transport;
  • Means of cargo identification and integrity control;
  • Office and bank equipment;
  • Means of support and security systems service;
  • Protection of vehicles;
  • Special equipment/ special uniforms.


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