RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services concerning armed protection
and security provision outside Russian Federation

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Armed protection and provision of security services

Every day, 24 for hours per day, 7 days per week well-coordinated professional team of Private Military Company RSB-Group implements the undertaken tasks according to the Client’s requirements. Tens of RSB-Group security teams can simultaneously operate in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. All of these teams are implementing a complex of activities concerning the armed protection and security of the material assets and the protection of the company’s staff in the areas with high terrorist activity.

RSB Group helps to improve the organizational and program performance of governments, UN agencies, international organizations, NGOs / CBOs and businesses across the globe.

We strictly follow three main principles:

  1. Client’s safety
  2. Legality of our actions
  3. High professionalism of our staff

While operating, we use our battle experience, gained while serving in the army both in Russia and outside the country; we also use the experience of our lawyers, analytics, Methodists, military doctors etc.

Our company legally purchases and stores the weapon outside Russia. These weapons are used for the protection of the Client and RSB-Group staff. RSB-Group is following all the international laws, conventions and other standard acts, which regulate the right concerning the stay of the armed guards on the territory of the other countries.

We are also working in the sphere of competitive intelligence at a high level. Hundreds of successfully implemented tasks are the best recommendation. One returns to us and recommend us to their friends, one believes and trusts us. It is the highest appraisal for us.
We are proud of our work, our staff and our company.


...We often think that the terrorists, Somali pirates, Afghan Taliban, Chechen extremists, seizure of hostages, house explosions, control changes, revolutions and child death is somewhere “there” and that will never happen to us and our close people. We just want to think that it is like that! But nowadays, we are not sure in our future; we do not know what is going on with the world and the society. And that frightens us.

Believe me, tears of the mothers are both salty here and there! The pain that occurs of close people loss can happen to everybody, and that is irretrievable loss for each person. There is nothing more precious than the human’s life. We must save it.

And we, the private security company RSB-Group are ready to take all the responsibilities in our hands!
Our experience and the professionalism allows us to provide the security work and the protection of any kind of property, everyone who is in trouble, practically in any area with the high terrorist activity both overland and in the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

From the speech of the chief executive officer of the RSB-Group Oleg Krinitsyn.
The speech took place on the conference which was held in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow