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Antiterrorist safety of the object

Antiterrorist safety of the object

The risk analysis of terrorist acts is carried out on purpose to identify possible consequences after the terrorist threats on the object and to detect the weak points and drawbacks of the existing or concerned variants of the antiterrorist security complex. As a result there would be an alternative to choose the best variant of the mentioned systems for a concrete objects.

The risk analysis of terrorist acts should be carried out when:

  • Developing the system of complex protection and antiterrorist security at the stage of project planning.
  • When the new threats appear we provide a complex of work concerning the antiterrorist safety and security on the whole to protect the object from the possible risks.

The antiterrorist safety analysis has four stages:

  • Planning and arrangement of work;
  • Identifications of possible dangers;
  • Assessment of the risks in case the terrorist act was realized;
  • Development of recommendations to lessen the risks.


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