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Marine operations

Marine operations

We have protected tens of merchant and scientific Russian and foreign vessels. We have saved hundreds of crewmen from the threat of being captured by the armed Somali pirates. We are the first maritime security company who started the protection of the vessels with the help of acoustic hailing devices Hyper Spike since summer 2012.

Our experience, professionalism and efficiency makes RSB-Group as the best choice for implementing security and protection of the vessels and cruise liners which are on the road or are going through the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week RSB-Group maritime security teams are providing the security and protection.

According to the Client’s inquiry, in three days maritime security team of the company is ready to leave for Oman, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa and take under the armed protection the Client’s merchant vessel, yacht or an oil platform. Our security team may consist from 3 to 7 guards, who are ex-officers of the Russian Special Forces, and who know English, Persian and French.

Maritime security teams are equipped with the modern and light rifles, means of self-protection and infallible radio and satellite communications. Only RSB-Group has the opportunity to protect the merchant vessels with the help of combined unarmed way: passive means of protection with the help of barbed wire, special protection devices and the protection of the water perimeter for 300-500 m with the help of acoustic hailing device Hyper Spike.

Maritime security division RSB-Group offers a complex of services and also the individual inquiry concerning the development of security solutions.

  • Armed protection of the vessel in the High Risk Areas in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans;
  • Unarmed protection of the vessels, its protection in the ports, on the road using the acoustic hailing devices and means of passive protection;
  • Safety evaluation/ audit/ port plans, vessels and marine structures;
  • Training of the crew from the threat of being captured in case of no security team on board;
  • Training of the maritime security teams concerning the tactics while fighting against pirates and anti-piracy tactics;
  • Equipping of the vessel with the passive means of protection. Full cycle;
  • Underwater operations in ports, water areas, oil platforms, inspection and protection of the vessels submerged on the stop;
  • Protection of the oil and gas platforms;
  • Escort of the tankers which are carrying on board oil or liquid petroleum gas;
  • Protection of the research vessels, super-yachts and passenger cruise liners.

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