RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services concerning armed protection
and security provision outside Russian Federation


We offer you a great range of services according to the several directions:

  • Technical protection and safety;
  • Protection of the vessels from the pirates;
  • Protection and escort of the convoys;
  • Competitive intelligence;
  • Military consulting services;
  • Juridical and legal support;
  • Implementation of special unique seminars and practical courses for the military and security divisions’ stuff and more.

Our final aim is the protection of our Client, conservation of life and preservation of health of the Client’s stuff, exclusion of the threat of his financial and reputational assets, provision of the safe working conditions and company’s development in the areas with a high terrorist activity.

We are working, developing and earning together with the Client that is why we are also interested in the safety of our Client’s business processes in those part of the world, where he has some commercial interest.

While going through the links you may get to know a standard range of services in details. However, that does not limit the whole range of the services we can offer.

According to the Client’s inquiry we can consider every nonstandard situation and find the way out from it with the smallest financial and image losses. Investment in safety – is the investment in business. 


"RSB Group"
address: Moscow, Krzhizhanovskogo str., 14/2
phone (multi-line):+7 495 984 04 16
Contact us via Skype: rsb-ci