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Intelligence and analytics

Intelligence and analytics

RSB-Group can carry out a complex of special activities directed at data organization in the field of intelligence concerning the client, competitor, supplier etc, with the exception of industrial espionage and data accessing which have some signs of commercial classified information.

RSB-Group specialists are ready to fly in any part of the world and collect information concerning any interested object, happening, case, and make arrangements with the elements of military intelligence in order to get as reliable data as possible.

As soon as the group of analytics have studied and analysed the collected information, they will provide the Client with the whole summary complex concerning the interested topic. They also can analyse and provide the Client with the possible variants of the situation development.

The price and the terms of the realization are stipulated additionally and individually.

RSB-Group keeps in a reserve for such operations a Russian company “Intelligence Technologies”.

The group of companies “RSB” has a developed potential to carry out analytical work in the countries where an armed protection of Client is needed. To solve this problem our specialist can carry out a complex of reconnaissance work depending on legislative branch of the country.

According to the situation the complex of reconnaissance work may include:

  • Conduction of radio-electronic reconnaissance;
  • Creation of the favorable atmosphere in the places of business location using the network of authorized representatives;
  • Reconnaissance using intelligence groups;
  • Covert observation.

Instead of that, for the benefits of client our specialist carry out the monitoring of all data field, which is around the protected object both in the country of residence and in adjacent states.


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