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Mine clearing

Mine clearing

RSB-Group provides professional services in the sphere of mine clearing of the ground, buildings and constructions and the territories after the local military conflicts. We collect and destruct unexploded ammunition, shells and grenades.

Deminers have a relevant preparation and international certificates. They have a unique experience gained in the North Caucasus, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Serbia. Our teams also can provide an engineering intelligence.

We have an experience working with the handmade explosive devices: disclosure, identification, defusing and destruction. Our deminers keep training on the bases in Serbia and Croatia.

RSB-Group offers an advance training program for the deminers concerning the operation with handmade explosive devices. The trainings are taking place in Serbia. Experienced instructors are using personal experience and also the experience of the deminers of the different countries and Armies. This unique program lasts 1 week.


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