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Overland operations

Overland operations

One of the significant tasks of RSB-Group security teams overland is the protection of the Client without any reference to the form of property and nationality.

Armed protection of motorcades, other vehicles and protection of VIP clients, which are going in cars (PSD). Convoy and escort of significant freights. Protection of the productive activity in the areas with not stable political situation and the protection of the units where the extraction and transportation of the raw materials and minerals is provided.

Generation of the complex security system of any productive activity in the “hot spots”.

By the agreement with the legitimate government of other countries we can render assistance in the maintenance of law-and-order in junctures. Protection of the significant state units from raiders and criminals.

Protection of the significant units, civil airports and seaports which are situated in the areas with high terrorist activity, including the protection with the help of acoustic hailing devices HyperSpike.


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