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COURSE: "Working with handguns on their own and in a team in confined spaces"

PMC "RSB Group"Cadets who complete this course will receive sustainable skills with handguns such as "Glock" and "Zigzauer" in a limited space (house, apartment, cabin vessel and the areas of the vessel, vehicle, etc.). Become familiar with the basics of movement in a confined space in a combat or protect against terrorists, will learn how to come out of the fire contact independently and as a group, will have primary knowledge of rendering professional medical care when injured in combat.
Classes are held in a special underground town, equipped with everything necessary for this course: target setting, models of buildings and rooms, space for cleaning weapons, etc. Instructor of PMC "RSB Group" - are the former officers of Special Forces of Russia and Israel. The program is based on many years of personal combat and practical experience, and does not interfere with the program of Russian "anti-terror groups" are classified as "DSP"(for official use only).
After passing through the complete program training Contractor, PMC "RSB Group" reserves the right to offer the best-prepared students with a permanent job in our company.
The program of the course:
Safety in the handling of weapons.
Law enforcement weapons.
Shooting (base).
Shooting with the right hand.
Shooting with the left hand.
Shooting with two hands.
Shooting after:
 the exercise:
after running
after fighting
Tactics (base)
1.1. Shooting from a comfortable position
1.2. Shooting from a comfortable position not
1.3. Shooting on the move
1.4. Shooting from behind cover:
cabin boat
narrow corridors
Care after the fire contact:
with cover
singly (alone)
Location: Moscow region. The course lasts 8 hours. The course fee is $ 350. After completing the course, the participant will receive a certificate indicating the subjects studied in the English and Russian languages.
For more details you can find c learning conditions by downloading directly to the contractual offer to provide training services.
Payment is made by adding to the cash desk in the office of "the Contractor". In the absence of opportunities to visit the office of “Executor»”- transfer to the card of the SberBank , the number of which will be specified in the letter of your name.
Payment for services is an acceptance (consent to enter) «Contract- offer».
Contract- offer does not require a bond seals and / or signing of the «Customer " and " Contractor " , while maintaining full force and effect .
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