RSB Group

military consulting company

Full complex of services on armed protection
and security provision out of the Russian Federation

Protection of the objects in Russian Federation

Protection of the objects in Russian Federation

Group of companies has a private security company RSB-Group, which operates on the territory of Russian Federation, license # . It is working since 2008 and professionally implements the tasks concerning the protection of the stationary and movable objects, offices, retail parks, exhibitions, and it also implements the tasks concerning the personal protection, escort of the assets, both with the weapon on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Our tasks

While optimizing the items of expense for the Client we try to provide him with the most qualitative product, such as: security, property safety and confidence in future. We never stop at what has been accomplished success, but we always try to standardize inner quality of our work. Jointly with the Client we save and multiply his funds with the help of our qualitative and worthy work.

Main principles of our work

  • Legality;
  • Efficiency;
  • Preventative protection measures;
  • Professionalism;
  • Confidentiality.

Our team

All of our stuff workers have the licenses, needed documents and regularly have addaitional trainings according to their direction at work. The part of the stuff is actively operating in the areas with the High terrorist activity abroad. That indicates great professional level and training. We use our experience, gained at the time of serving in the army. But we always improve our knowledge and skills.

Every day. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week we create safety for you, organize the order and provide calm to our Client. We are known, we are trusted and we are recommended to friends.

Price for the services

The price for the services is rather acceptable and it can vary depending on the inquiry, difficulty of the operational environment etc. However, one should keep in mind that good cannot cost cheap. And professional guards from Private Security Company RSB-Group are the confirmation of that.


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